The Fire In Moonlight: Stories From The Radical Faeries

The Fire In Moonlight: Stories From The Radical Faeries 1and moving through the liberation movements of the late twentieth, The Fire in Moonlight speculates far into the twenty-first. It offers a timely compendium of culture wisdom, provocative wit and challenging sensuality.

The Fire in Moonlight gives witness to a groundbreaking movement that painstakingly emerged from the Gay Liberation era. Rooted in the history of radical visionaries, this little known,

essential community informs the modern world with new meanings, offering fresh definitions of faith, identity, purpose and gender. The Fire in Moonlight is a series of personal reflections on who the Radical Faeries are, where they’ve been and where they are going: Radical Faeries in their own words. It is about how a movement has changed lives—and how Radical Faeries contribute to healing a fractured Earth.

ISBN 978-1-59021-338-4

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“As one would expect, highly eclectic and a diverse range of spiritual references as well as divergent opinions about the Faerie experience mark these essays…a tribute to the Faerie generosity of spirit…enough to make Harry Hay proud.”
Lambda Literary Review

“The Faeries remain a culture that is fascinating to read about. The authors in Thompson’s erudite collection redefine queer culture through spirituality and sexuality.”
Bay Area Reporter

“The Fire in Moonlight is an excellent reference for anyone who has little or no knowledge of the Faerie background and will delight anyone familiar with the group or a current participant.”
Philadelphia Gay News

“One of the most interesting parts is the book’s ‘Faerie Glossary’.”
South Florida Gay News

“Some of these words are strong, some sweet, some hilarious; offering a glimpse into each writer’s life and story, one thread in the colorful tapestry that we have communally woven in the past thirty years.”