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He then goes on to describe other advocates of personal and political freedom he has known and how these friendships further informed his activism.

"Gay history is still being told, and Thompson's conversational volume adds significant information to what we know. Despite the fact that there are some tough truths in this book and that it covers some dark times, Thompson's overall outlook is affirma-tive...The book's motif is that we would all do well to advocate for what we believe in, including ourselves and each other."
—Chris Freeman, The Gay and Lesbian Review

His story begins in 1968 when, as a curious teenager in the throes of coming out, he accidentally discovers one of the first issues of The Advocate, a tiny Los Angeles newsletter that would grow into the gay movement's most important national journal of record. Little did he know that only in a few more years he'd be working for the publication—first as an enterprising young writer and then, after nearly two decades, as its Senior and Cultural Editor.

Filled with historic eye-witness accounts of a movement and its primary chronicle always in flux, as well as profiles of artists and activists who have made a difference, Advocate Days & Other Stories is more than the sum of its parts. Taken together, these keenly observed tales offer a stirring testament to the significance of living a life graced with meaning and purpose.

ISBN: 978-1-60864-015-7 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-60864-016-4 (paperback)
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"Conversational in tone, these affecting essays record the humble passage through contemporary gay history of a remarkable writer and thinker, whose earlier trilogy—Gay Spirit, Gay Soul and Gay Body—remain essential reading for our gay tribe."
—Richard Labonte, Book Marks

"These chapters are heart-wise, strong and brimming with love... If you are still young and energetic enough, maybe they will inspire you to start the next queer cultural force."
—Jerry Wheeler, Out Front Colorado

"This book is a stirring set of memories, interviews, recollections and personal experiences. Advocate Days & Other Stories is beautifully written with stirring prose and an emotional content that is also educational.... The book is an eloquent voice and memory that speaks from the heart and offers an earnest authenticity that anyone can learn from."
—Kassa, Rainbow-reviews. com