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and interviews culled from The Advocate, the national gay newsmagazine, where he worked for two decades as a journalist and Senior Editor (1975-1994). From first-person accounts of the Stonewall Riots to the tragic last day of Harvey Milk's life, the crisis of AIDS to the controversy over outing, the milestones of the movement are presented as they happened, along with accounts of the lighter side of gay life, from disco divas to the politics of drag.

"Renowned journalist Mark Thompson has constructed a remarkable gift to the nation's gay communities. This magnificent coffee table tome is now available in paperback."
—Corrine Hicks, Gay Today

"This engrossing and profusely illustrated book documents the increasingly prominent and embattled place of gays and lesbians in American culture. This chronicle is a stirring scrapbook of a movement whose greatest victories may be yet to come." —Publishers Weekly

"An amazing history of an American movement that continues to evolve." —San Francisco Chronicle

"Turmoil, joy, and cultural phenomenon come together here in a cohesive blend . . . 25 years of history-making at its most fascinating." —Albuquerque Journal

"A remarkable scrapbook that, like a family photo album, allows the reader to relive both the stunning victories and the crushing defeats of the past 25-plus years of gay liberation."
New York Newsday


ISBN-10: 1881943208
ISBN-13: 978-1881943204

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