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The diverse contributors look at the history of the gay and lesbian underground, how radical sex practice relates to their spirituality, and what it means to them personally.

"A groundbreaking anthology . . . This first non-fiction, co-gender collection to document the queer leather scene is an instant classic." —The San Francisco Review of Books

"Leatherfolk reveals a side of leather as no book before—its heart and soul. It is an intelligently edited work with essays that complement and contrast in vibrant concert. Thompson gives us the varied voices of those who use extreme sex as an integral part of their lives—those who have undertaken the hero's journey into a forbidden world and have been transformed. The writers in this book have earned their chaps." —Lambda Book Report

"Leatherfolk is probably the finest book ever published on leathersex history and philosophy. Fascinating, comprehensive, informative, and sexy." —International Leatherman

"Leatherfolk issues a bracing challenge to all of us—to see where the carnal meets the soul. From so many fine writers one might have expected the exuberance and the wit gathered here, voices fresh and vital, full of fire and the power of transformation. In a world of hypocrites and false prophets, it's the outlaws who know where the spirit resides. If you want vanilla, read something else."
—Paul Monette, author of Becoming a Man

"Leatherfolk challenges the last taboo: use of the body and erotic energy to explore spirituality. Probably our first glimpse of the neo-tribal, fusion-oriented fourth phase of a cultural revolution that begun in 1960." —Fakir Musafar, author Spirit + Flesh

"If you haven't read this book, do so. It will open your mind and possibly your limits. If you have read it, you might want to do so again, just in case you missed something the first time . . . or the tenth time, for that matter. You can't do better than this one." —The Leather Journal


ISBN-10: 1881943208
ISBN-13: 978-1881943204

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