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It was followed by two others, Gay Soul and Gay Body, creating a foundational trilogy that has helped define a now international movement of spiritually aware gay men.

In its deft weave of anthropology, history and sexual politics, Gay Spirit provides illuminating insight for all students of gender and religious studies.

"Gay Spirit is so terrific at making the reader feel there might be something more wondrous, more miraculous to life . . . the exciting challenge to conventional thinking is that it's not merely time for society to tolerate but cherish its intermediate sexual types." —Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Gay Spirit is daring, which only proves its timeliness . . . it signals the opening of a new area of gay publishing, a field of spiritual exploration outside the context of religion or politics."
The Advocate

"Mark Thompson's joyous collection will come as a gust of fresh air to anyone who has ever explored spirituality outside the bounds of conventional religion."
—Armistead Maupin, author of Tales of the City

"Gay Spirit calls gay people back to the Circle of Life as full participants in the dance of survival and joy . . . this anthology is like the rains of spring hastening our unique growth, flowering and fruition." —Gay Community News


ISBN-10 : 1590210247
ISBN-13 : 9781590210246

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