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In Gay Body: A Journey Through Shadow to Self, an electrifying mix of theory and autobiography, Mark Thompson explores the stages of healing and recovery that gay men can experience if they dare to take the path leading to a fully integrated body and spirit. In his own life, he details the experience of growing up in a dysfunctional family, the heady days of the early 1970s in San Francisco, and his attempts to heal himself—from radical fairie circles to the deepest reaches of the leather movement. Intermixed is an explanation of archetypes and how they function, and the lessons that must be learned for each gay man to heal his own gay soul, spirit, and body.

"Stories like this don't usually get told—perhaps that's what makes Thompson's cri du coeur noir feel so fresh and original . . . . I see both selfless generosity and fearlessness in the telling of these extremely intimate stories, which the author has put out in the hope of helping other gay men to see and learn about themselves." —Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

"Gay Body is as much a meditation on the spirit as it is the flesh. Thompson's moving, sometimes harrowing, sometimes gut wrenching memoir . . . is but one version of the journey that all gay men must take if they are to find themselves whole." —Lambda Book Report

"Gay Body has the warmth and humanity of an autobiography and the depth and analysis of a theological work, yet reads like a mystery novel . . . Thompson seems to have found the unconscious pulse of a gay man's soul, for as I read, I found my own experiences coming back to me within a wider perspective and with new understanding." —White Crane Journal

"Thompson seamlessly weaves an unsparingly candid autobiographical narrative with broader observations, drawing on elements of Jungian archetypes, gay history and mythology, and New Age spirituality . . . A provocative work." —Library Journal

"This brilliant book should be required reading for every gay man interested in personal growth and healing . . . . Gay Body offers invaluable insight, compassion, and wisdom to guide us in our search for meaning." —Genre Magazine

"The road Thompson travels is fascinating, as he unlocks closets within closets . . . . A powerful inner quest truthfully described." —The Washington Post

ISBN-10: 0312198868
ISBN-13: 978-0312198862

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